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Having a four-legged friend is one of the best joys of life. Quickly they become part of your daily life and you just can’t imagine life without them. Which is why planning to go on a vacation always brings up the question: Can we take our pet with us to our destination or should we leave them behind? Somehow the idea that you can enjoy yourselves while an important part of the family is left behind alone or in the care of a neighbor takes the joy out of the whole vacation. You need your pet with you sharing all the fun and featuring in all the pictures you take. This is why we have pet-friendly Wisconsin Dells properties that are welcoming to the whole family.

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Pet Friendly Wisconsin Dells Rentals

Many of our Wisconsin Dells rentals are pet-friendly. You can tell by the little paw icon on the right bottom corner of the image of the property. When you see that sign, it means you can bring your pets with you to stay in the property. But it doesn’t tell you how many pets you can bring. On average, though, you can bring up to two pets with you. But you’ll need to check in the listing what type of pets you can bring in. Some properties would insist on dogs, but no cats or vice versa. It is always a good idea to ask beforehand what type of pets are allowed.

We encourage you to check out the different options of pet-friendly rentals with us. As every property is unique, it gives you an opportunity to pick something that matches your style. There is something special for every guest or group that opts to stay and enjoy a memorable trip in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells. While traveling with your furry friend, you’ll appreciate the open floor design of the house. The spacious outdoor area turns into a private playground where your furry friends can play, while you can settle down in the comfortable seating arrangement. The outdoor area may also have a firepit and gas grill so you can organize impromptu BBQ parties. The warm and cozy ambiance of a comfortable home can allow you to enjoy every moment of your trip. Whether you’ll like to organize group activities indoors or take the fun outside, the spacious home has equal opportunities for everything. The idea is to step out of your own home to explore a new destination, but at the same time make the most of the home away from home feeling. 

The comfortable bedrooms can help you energize after spending a power-packed day outside. This level of customization can allow you to accommodate a big group without worrying of bumping into each other. Our focus on luxury and comfort drives us to deliver excellent results. Whether it’s the interior design and décor or the choice of materials and colors, we’ve strived to incorporate elements that stand for comfort, relaxing, and convenience. You’ll feel at ease while also experiencing the homely feeling tied together by the brightly painted walls, refined furnishing, and unique textures. You’ll be able to enjoy a personal space that turns into a highlight of your vacation. It’ll be more than an accommodation, turning into an integral part of your vacation experience. Rather than camping in a pet-friendly hotel room, you’ll find plenty of comforts inside a large home. From posing for family pictures in front of the indoor fireplace to relishing a hearty meal on the dining table, waking up to a scenic view of the surrounding landscape to playing with your furry friends in the huge backyard, you’ll sign up for an experience with everlasting memories for a lifetime. 

We are delighted to offer a wide range of fully furnished vacation homes where you can look forward to enjoying a great vacation. The spacious homes come with large living rooms, dedicated dining areas, excellent outdoor areas, the privacy of multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and fully functional kitchens. You can feel at home when you select any of our pet-friendly rentals available in a variety of sizes. Bring your folks and pets for a memorable vacation where everyone can enjoy the luxury of space. The open floor design can allow a seamless flow of conversations, laughter, and fun. Most vacation homes come with hardwood flooring so you can expect a clean space. The flooring can complement the vaulted ceiling, creating a larger and inviting ambiance in the interior. You can also find modern décor, fine quality upholstery, and premium furnishing in all the rooms. 

When staying with a big group, you will appreciate the separate areas for different activities. The dedicated dining area allows you to enjoy an extended lunch or dinner, while bonding with your group over food and drinks. Spend quality moments with your group while watching a series or movie on the flat screen television. You will notice a comfy seating arrangement with a cozy couch, armchairs, and a center table in the living area. Some homes may also have an indoor fireplace. The convenience of free internet access can help you to stay connected with the outside world, besides offering the opportunity to stream shows, learn the latest news, and connect with your folks on social media. You can find standard amenities like an in-unit washer and dryer, central air-conditioning, heating, parking, and much more so you can continue your routine activities without any hindrance. Your pets can have a great time running around and relaxing in the huge outdoor area. Here you may find patio furniture for enjoying your morning coffee or unwinding with your favorite cocktail in the evening. Do not miss the opportunity of firing up the outdoor gas grill to enjoy a fun BBQ party with your folks. 

When you book a trip to Wisconsin Dells, you won’t need to worry about food options. The city can be rightly called as a paradise for foodies with plenty of restaurants, cafés, and bars in the area. You can find many pet-friendly food joints and restaurants too. But if you would not like to head outside, you can fix your meals right inside the house. A fully functional kitchen is ready for you with features like cabinets, cookware, utensils, and appliances. From a microwave to dishwasher, refrigerator to cooking range, and oven to coffeemaker, the kitchen offers it all.  

When it is time to relax at night, you can head to any of the bedrooms with comfortable sleeping arrangement. The master bedroom offers access to a king size bed, full bathroom, private television, and a closet. The full bathroom may offer a walk-in shower, bathtub, and an impressive vanity. Besides the master bedroom, the additional bedrooms may come with queen- or twin-size beds and comfy bedding.  

Pet Retreat

So what happens if you’re a cat person and the pet-friendly Wisconsin Dells property you liked wouldn’t let cats in? Does that mean you have to leave your fluff ball behind? Not at all. For that, we have the Wisconsin Dells Pet Retreat. This center will take care of your pet regardless of species, give them all the grooming they need, and offer boarding as well. You can now take your pet with you to all the activities you like, and after a full and eventful day, you bring your furry friend back to the retreat and go home for the night. The retreat is only a few minutes away outside of Spring Brook. You can call them at 608-253-6000 for more information.

Plenty of Activities

Having the whole family for a vacation at Wisconsin Dells has never been more fun—and that includes for pets, too! The playground offers ample opportunities for children to enjoy themselves. There are also lakes, hiking trails, and plenty of watersports to keep everyone happy.

Wisconsin Dells is a great location to bring your canine companion with you and have a blast. We encourage our guests to take their dogs with them on an outdoor adventure to share the fun of your stay. Wisconsin Dells features many exciting hiking trails in the area. These trails are often not too hard in difficulty and are pet friendly for any dogs on a leash. Dells Hike is one of the more popular hiking spots in town, but make sure to watch out for the deer that are often seen in the fall. The local state parks are another great spot to go for a morning walk or run with your dog.

If your dog loves the water, you must take them to the Wisconsin River! This nearby river offers miles of aquatic fun with plenty of areas where you can get onto the water. One great pet friendly activity our guests enjoy doing is taking a boat tour of the river. Local tour services such as Dells Boat Tours and Dells Army Ducks allow friendly dogs on your voyage touring the river. Leashed dogs are even given their own seat to enjoy the ride and views! Hit the river or local lakes with a kayak or canoe and take your pup companion on an aquatic adventure. Local shops provide everything you need to have fun on the Wisconsin River. Full boat and jet ski rentals are also available for those looking to add some speed to their ride.

Once the adults want to wind down and enjoy a quiet moment, look no further than Fawn Creek Winery. Adults will be able to sample some of the exclusive wines made in the region. Order a glass of your favorite and take a bottle home with you. Fawn Creek Winery is located on a 7-acre vineyard providing incredible views. Friendly leashed dogs are even allowed on the property (not typical for most wineries) to run around and have a blast. Please note that dogs are not allowed inside the tasting room or patio.

If your dog prefers staying back and letting everyone else have fun, do not forget about hitting the local water parks. Your children will love exploring these indoor and outdoor water parks that feature incredible rides such as lazy rivers, wave pools, water slides, and so much more. The indoor parks even stay open during the colder seasons of the year! For indoor waterparks, we can suggest popular options like the Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Kalahari Indoor Water Park, Chula Vista Resort, and Wilderness Resort. If you’ll like to meet a variety of animals, you can visit the popular Wisconsin Deer Park and Timbavati Wildlife Park. For fun outdoor activities like hiking and biking, you can head to the Mirror Lake State Park featuring plenty of trails surrounding a picturesque lake and also the Rocky Arbor State Park, known for its natural flora and fauna. If you’ll like to enjoy a relaxing evening stroll, you can walk on the iconic riverwalk that offers incredible views of the Wisconsin River. You’ll also find many options for activities like zip lining, boating, kayaking, paddle boating, and many other fun outdoor adventures. 

If your dog prefers staying back and letting everyone else have fun, do not forget about hitting the local water parks. Your children will love exploring these indoor and outdoor water parks that feature incredible rides such as lazy rivers, wave pools, water slides, and so much more. The indoor parks even stay open during the colder seasons of the year!

Your vacation at Wisconsin Dells is welcoming to the whole family, including pets. For more information about our Wisconsin Dells rentals with pet friendly features, please call us today.