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Having a four-legged friend is one of the best joys of life. Quickly they become part of your daily life and you just can’t imagine life without them. Which is why planning to go on a vacation always brings up the question: Can we take our pet with us to our destination or should we leave them behind? Somehow the idea that you can enjoy yourselves while an important part of the family is left behind alone or in the care of a neighbor takes the joy out of the whole vacation. You need your pet with you sharing all the fun and featuring in all the pictures you take. This is why we have pet-friendly Wisconsin Dells properties that are welcoming to the whole family.


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Pet Friendly Wisconsin Dells Rentals

Many of our Wisconsin Dells rentals are pet-friendly. You can tell by the little paw icon on the right bottom corner of the image of the property. When you see that sign, it means you can bring your pets with you to stay in the property. But it doesn’t tell you how many pets you can bring. On average, though, you can bring up to two pets with you. But you’ll need to check in the listing what type of pets you can bring in. Some properties would insist on dogs, but no cats or vice versa. It is always a good idea to ask beforehand what type of pets are allowed.

Pet Retreat

So what happens if you’re a cat person and the pet-friendly Wisconsin Dells property you liked wouldn’t let cats in? Does that mean you have to leave your fluff ball behind? Not at all. For that, we have the Wisconsin Dells Pet Retreat. This center will take care of your pet regardless of species, give them all the grooming they need, and offer boarding as well. You can now take your pet with you to all the activities you like, and after a full and eventful day, you bring your furry friend back to the retreat and go home for the night. The retreat is only a few minutes away outside of Spring Brook. You can call them at 608-253-6000 for more information.

Plenty of Activities

Having the whole family for a vacation at Wisconsin Dells has never been more fun—and that includes for pets, too! The playground offers ample opportunities for children to enjoy themselves. There are also lakes, hiking trails, and plenty of watersports to keep everyone happy.

Your vacation at Wisconsin Dells is welcoming to the whole family, including pets. For more information about our Wisconsin Dells rentals with pet friendly features, please call us today.