In a few days we will be eating corned beef and drinking some questionable green beer all in celebration of a 5th century priest who got rid of some snakes…or did he?

The traditional stories put St. Patrick in a small Ireland town driving the snakes from a village to the elation of its people. Unfortunately, this has been debunked by today’s scientists. The Emerald Isle is and has been much too cold to ever have housed any reptiles, much less snakes. This isn’t the only misconception about Saint Patrick and the day we celebrate him. First of all, the green color that will cover everything and everyone wasn’t the original color used in Ireland. A light shade of blue was the preferred color of the priest himself and only during the Irish revolution of the late 18th century did the Irish people change to the shade of green we all know today. St. Patrick was in fact, actually British with his parents from Scotland and Wales respectively. The shamrock that we use today to represent the holiday was actually used by St. Patrick to represent the holy trinity. And maybe the strangest thing about the holiday is it could have been known by an entirely different name. As part of being accepted into the priesthood, Saint Patrick changed his name from Maewnyn. We celebrate this day for the fun and good times we have with our friends and family. But for the people of Ireland this day is so much more. This is celebrated in honor of the man that brought Christianity to an entire nation. This might not be a good reason for you, but for me I’ll have a drink in honor of a great man and great country. Even if it is green. And you can experience Springbrook during Maewyns day!

Happy Maewyns Day! ERIN GO BRAGH!!