Hello, How are you? Table for two? Or a spot at the bar? Perhaps a nice cozy booth?

Perfect! This way, but please don’t delay, we have a lot to go over and some things I must say! I won’t talk too much, I’ll just relay the essentials, and I’m a professional server….you can check my credentials.

Have you been here before? No? Well you’re in for a treat… tonight’s special dishes are pulled fresh from the seas at the Friday Night Fish Fry! We have four different choices if your stomach has room, but my personal favorite has gills that are blue! Caught fresh, prepared cleanly, hand battered and dipped, of the fish on our menu this fish tops the list! If you want crisp to perfection and a dish that’s a winner, make this fine selection, our fresh bluegill dinner!

For a choice a bit different, but a plate that’ll please, try the broiled cod, It’s topped with Swiss Cheese!… and garlic, tomatoes, with basil and spice… you might like it so much that you order it twice!

No? Not for you? Will this do the job? A 2 or 3 piece…plate of fresh prepared Cod? It’s here from Alaska, and to be more specific, the icy cold waters of the great North Pacific! Fresh battered each time and fried golden brown, when it comes to the Dells, it’s the best of the town!

Accompanied by coleslaw with a hint of cranberry flavor, Tartar and lemon this fish you will savor!

So those are the specials we have here tonight, and of course the main menu for your taste buds delight. And I’ll be right back, so you have time to think …but you better choose wisely…and the same goes for your drinks!

Friday night fish fry in Springbrook is definitely a dish to experience. Visit now!

© Samuel James Avery