It’s that time of year again. I know it’s just mid-summer right now but soon the late summer doldrums will appear, the leaves will be changing, the nights will get shorter and shorter, and then you know what that means. It’S FOOTBALL TIME! Ok, at least pre-season anyway!

College players will get the official ball rolling on Labor Day weekend, and the pros are just one week later. But before that there are pre-season games. There is just something about early football in August that gets the excitement revving. All those new players trying to make the rosters and fighting tooth and nail to stand out. Love it. The truth is Americans love a lot of things, but none more than the great game of football. I think it’s the opportunity to tailgate with friends over a favorite team, or maybe it’s the chance to watch the game at your favorite sports bar (Spring Brook, wink wink)  but we watch football religiously every week.

Summer and baseball go together this is true. How ’bout those Brewers, hey? I understand if that’s where your heart is in August and early Sept. But for me? Put me at any of the Packer’s  practices outside, let me watch those players ride the little kid’s bikes to get there, let me in the debate on which player is head and shoulders above the other rookies. Man, it doesn’t get any better than that. I love preseason football. The state of Wisconsin knows how to support their teams and I’m no different. I just start earlier than some. So as we inch ever closer to the glorious start of this year’s season I say good luck to your favorite team! I hope you wish the same upon mine (Go Pack Go) because at the end of the day we all want the same thing, to enjoy time spent with our friends and family even if only for a few precious hours a week. Football in Springbrook is definitely an experience, so book your vacation now to enjoy it!

Go team!