A Bears Fan in Packer Land


I’ll start from the beginning. 1985 is the year and Ronald Reagan is still talking about some crazy space weapons and gas is only $1.09/gal. In April of that year in a small town in Wisconsin a young woman is giving birth to her third (and most awesome) son. But this isn’t your typical Wisconsin born child, because in a few short years he would make a decision that would shape a large portion of his adult life.

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In Wisconsin there are a few things that everyone in the state enjoys. There’s beer. Everybody drinks beer here. There are festivals and celebrations dedicated to this malted beverage all over the state year round. Or cheese. Cheese is the life-blood of a Wisconsinite. But mostly, what every person in Wisconsin loves is Green Bay Packers football. This is where I fell off the track. I’m a full-blown Chicago Bears fan. Yes, I said it. Out loud. I understand the severity of this statement. Not a single football season has gone by where I’m not asked why I’m a Bear’s fan. My father was a life-long Bear’s fan is one of the reasons. Also the Bear’s won their only Super Bowl in the ’85 season. Then there is the mascot issue, what is a Packer anyway? Is it some kind of grocery store attendant? Now a Bear is something you can stand behind, strong and fierce. Let’s not forget in my younger years when the Packers weren’t very good. I know most of you die-hard Packer fans have forgotten about the Randy Wright –Don Majkowski years, but I remember and they weren’t very impressive.

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Now I know the last couple of decades outside of ’06-’07 there hasn’t been much to brag about in Bear country. We had 30+ quarterbacks and a list too long to elaborate of bad draft choices. Let’s not forget that in the recent head-to-head matchups in this rivalry we’ve been getting owned. Jay vs. Aaron hasn’t gone real well for us. But I will go to my grave supporting my team. Regardless of how many memes I’m sent about how the Bears still suck or having to listen to that stupid song that says basically the same thing, I’m in it for the long haul. That’s what a true fan does. You’d think that Chicago could eventually make it back to the top, but then again, Cub’s fans have been saying that for quite a while now.

We can only hope the wait isn’t quite as long.