Do you drink beer? Well I do, and I LOVE it. Not in an over-the-top life ruining kind of way, but in a I’m-not-drinking-any-crappy-beer kind of way. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there as younger versions of ourselves chugging some really, awful tasting beer that was on sale or cheaper than the rest. This was done out of a mix of youthful inexperience and a lack of money.

I’m the first person to admit that the price tag doesn’t always mean a great beer. I have personally had $15 beers that I wouldn’t serve to my worst enemy. But price usually reflects the quality of the beer. If you go out and get thirty beers for $12 you must ask yourself, how much time or money was spent to make it? I’ll answer that for you, not much.

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Enjoying good beer is way more than just acting snobby to your domestic beer drinking friends. It is an all-around better experience, from the beauty of the first pour to the next morning when you don’t feel like you were hit by a truck. This is because the smaller breweries take more care and time in making their products. The big breweries have been making the same products for a lot of years and do everything the same; like buying their products from the cheapest available suppliers. On the contrary the smaller batch places go to local farmers and find the best quality for the price. This makes for a better tasting product that is much easier for the body to process.

Before you run out and get your go-to beer for your next BBQ or big game, I ask only one thing. Talk to the beer expert at your favorite bar and find out what small-batch beers are the most popular locally. Find those beers and drink them and only them for a night. I bet you’ll feel better, have a better time and even save a little money. But if after that you still feel like wasting your time drinking an inferior product, sigh, that’s fine I tried.

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Life is too short to not take advantage of all the great things it has to offer. Some people collect cars or jewelry. Others look for an adrenaline rush around every corner. For me? I just LOVE BEER and I will search high and low to find quality good-tasting beer. And if I spend my whole life searching for great beers I will assuredly find great places and people to share my journey with and I’ll toast to that.

Beer is good and great beer is better.